Friday, January 20, 2006

Two Trees


Jenny said...


Uncle Phil said...

wow. beautiful trees.

Lauren said...

Hi Don!
You are smart for having a blog. It's really nice to see your stuff again. Not to mention inspirational. Hope you are well!

-Lauren F.

Smook said...

I really like these, top one especially. Nice brush work.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you will receive this message. I am wondering if I can use a portion of your b & w tree image for a poster advertising a free choreographic project in Vancouver, Canada.

My email is

My blog is


steve.rives said...

Dear Don,

I found your picture on Google and used it for my personal web site ( Then it dawned on me a few hours later to find it again and get permission! That is what I am doing now.

The content of my site is rated-G, all having to do with math, philosophy and theology.

May I have permission to use your picture? Please let me know what you charge. Also, I can point back to your site and give credit.

Otherwise I will take it down. If you have terms, please let me know.