Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oekaki Scribble

Oekaki BBS boards are something new to me. My pal Ronnie Del Carmen has one on his site and I guess they are big in Japan. Essentially it's a bulletin board with a simple java paint application and you can draw/paint and post. For some reason my computers lag when trying to use the app but it's still fun to do crude scribbles with it. Some artists are incredible with what they can do with the application.
Check out Ronnie Del Carmen's Blog and his Oekaki BBS
and Claudio Acciari has cool stuff too. Make sure to scroll down. He's got some great animals and girls.


SteveLambe said...

I've heard of those. The program looks fun because of it's crudeness. Almost like pixel art.

I saw your "Buy one, get one free" short over on Cartoon Brew earlier this week. It was really fantastic!! Every aspect of it was so polished. One of the best shorts I've seen in a log time. Is it available for purchase because I'd love to get a copy of it?

Don Shank said...

thank you. yah that's pretty wild that someone posted it on YouTube.
i don't believe it's for sale.
I should send that guy a better copy of it hahah. or perhaps i'll send one to Amid at Cartoon Brew and maybe they'll host it.
somehow i wanna get a better copy of it out there.
at least an iPod video sized version.

Lee said...

wow, your stuff is sweet!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! YOur drawings are beautiful!! Love the watercolor paintings, and you have an unique free flow style. Simply beautiful works!

Ethan Hale said...

Just visiting random blogs. Thanks for your doodles and art. I truly enjoyed them.

Ethan Hale

Cory said...

Hey, found you through Lou's blog. Love the work.

Jenny said...

Don, are you still breathing? Or just working like a slavey? ; )

Want. More. Drawing.

burgerlog said...

I'm sick of looking at this! how about an update! I know your not that busy.

Don Shank said...

yeah, i'm breathing (barely) i've been fighting a severe case of bronchitis.
i'll be back soon! :-D

BrianMORANTE said...

Love your work. Loved all the paintings in the incredibles book.