Monday, March 26, 2007

Myth & War Show at Nucleus Gallery!

my wife and i having cocktails with lou and his wife before the show

here's some of my art hanging in the gallery just before the show started

here we are posing in front of our work

here's Ronnie Del Carmen hamming it up on the right and Paul Rudish on the left. behind us i can make out Dan Krall and Andy Bialk.

Here we are with all the people from Gallery Nucleus! They are so great, and hosted an amazing show! Thank you Nucleus!

Wow, I had a great time at the show. Apparently some 800 people attended! I was totally overwhelmed with the turnout and it was so great to meet so many people and see friends I haven't seen in ages. I was exhausted though. I had something to eat at 2pm and then i was on my feet and talking non-stop til midnight.
The next day we put on a workshop and it was a lot of fun. I didn't really know what to expect because I have never done or been to something like that but it seemed like everyone liked it and I had a great time.
Thank you to everyone that came to the show. An extra thanks to anyone who bought a book, print, or original art!
The book is still available for pre-order at and should be in stock soon (a few weeks?)
Also, I was told that Nucleus would be putting the pieces and prints that are still available on line. So keep an eye out.



kk said...

Wow I am very sorry I missed this. But thanks for sharing the pics Don. Hope the book's a hit.

Joe Henderson said...

The show was awesome dude I really Dig your stuff.

Jamie Baker said...

That was a great, great show. I was glad to have attended and seen you guys!

T' said...

I've been really enjoying the teases you and the other artists have posted for this project. I've ordered my copy through Barnes + Noble (where I work) in hopes that my order brings it to someone's attention. It looks like a really keen book. Best of luck!

Chris Battle said...

It was an awesome, show, my friend; Great seeing you and Lou again, and nice meeting the Mrs! Rudish was there, too? Dang! How did I miss seeing him? It's not like it wuz crowded or anything...

Rock-Rock ON!

Mukpuddy said...

Damn I need this book!!! Congrats on the success of the show dude!

Shellie K said...

Don... it was sooo great seeing you.
So happy for you congrats on such a
awesome show.Your lady is awesome. It was so great to meet her.

Hey wait I missed Rudish also. man too bad...