Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kurt Walking

just a couple of simple doodles of Kurt.
He likes to walk.

I'll be putting up the remaining Myth & War print/postcard sets soon.
The book is now officially sold out!


Raquel said...

He's so happy going home with his groceries. Perhaps some snacks for cocktail houe?

El canibalibro said...


crylic said...

That top one is fantastic Don, great expressive drawings and his legs are hilarious!

Gnarfdeath said...

vooderbar!! nice stoof!

Baby Cakes said...

Baby Cakes kinda likes this lil' guy. He looks like he could be a Wizard.

Will Kane said...

Hello Mr Shank,

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr Pete Docter and his significant others recently when he visited my humble store while on his European Vacation.

I asked him to pass on my regards to you & Mr Patel, but I'm sure he thought I was just some kind of mad-talking crazy man.