Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ancient Book of Sex & Science Show

The gallery show and book release for the Ancient Book of Sex & Science is this Saturday May 16th at Gallery Nucleus at 7:00pm.


T Robertson Carter said...

Hi Raquel,
It's Tracey from this afternoon. It was great to chat with you for a bit at the car wash today with your little beauty in tow.
Thanks for sharing the info about your husbands work. It's fantastic and fun. I have a feeling our other halves know each other as they both are artists and work in animation. It's a small wacky animation world here in SF so i'm sure they know some similar people. He was at collosal, wild brain for years then bought into a small, small animation studio called Maverix in SF which is now creating content for apps but primarily is focused on his sculpture. See Wish your husband a good show. I'll look out for the book and send some friends over to check out the work in LA. Get in touch sometime and I'll add you to the guest list for the next MoAD event we have coming up with CJM, MoMA and SPur this summer. I can be reached at or text 415 336 5921
Have a great time in LA,
- Tracey

Gnuey said...

A big fan of your work from Nucleus! Congrats.

Chris Battle said...

Good seeing you guys and having our girls meet. Sophie really dug your abstracts! (Some of the few she pointed at and babbled towards) Looking forward to next years' show/book.