Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Microscope 4

Microscope 4
24" by 36"
Acrylic on Panel

This is a painting that I started and finished in 2009 over a period of five months. I wasn't happy with that first version and so I wrapped it up and stored it in my office. It's been traveling with me as I moved from office to office for two years and in December of 2011 I rediscovered it behind some moving boxes. I still didn't like it. I decided to paint over and revamp it. The result is what you see here.


Susan Shank said...

I like it!

Matt Justice said...

It would be cool to see the process of how you paint one of these.

Don Flores said...

the texture in this is super sweet!

anne said...

new fan! this is a painting, 3 years in the making. haha... i dont know what to say about that.