Thursday, April 26, 2007

APE Convention + Tea Time

The APE Convention was last weekend in San Francisco and I sat in at Scott's booth to help sell our book (which, by the way is also finally shipping from Amazon). Lou was also there, as was Nate for a few hours. It was amazing fun to sit and draw in everyone's book and meet everone.
Here's myself, Lou and Scott at the table...

My favorite book from the con was Fleet Street Scandal: A Collection
What a great book by two great artists!
Kevin Dart
Chris Turnham

Also, check out Lynne Naylor's beautiful new paintings for
her show "Tea Time" at M Modern Gallery.
Here's a few samples...


ryan said...

man lynne naylor is so awesome

Chris Turnham said...

Oh man thanks for the plug, Don! It was so great meeting you and Lou and thanks for walking around with us at Pixar. If you're going to be at Comic-Con in July we'll see you then!