Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Indie Show

Gallery 1988 San Francisco is having a show this Saturday focusing on alternative press artists.
Here is one of my submissions.

Ink on Watercolor Paper

the flyer
(click for larger)


ryan said...

whoa, very cool & stylish figure. i really like the watercolor

did you ever happen to dig up the production art for Buy One Get One Free..?

lorelay bove said...

That's very beautiful, I love the line creating those shapes!

crylic said...

wow, amazing stuff as usual man. inspireing.

MrKittyKat said...

I visited the gallery's website tonight. As the page was sloooowly loading, I saw ONLY the legs of your watercolor and - as it continued to load - I thought to myself: Wow that sure looks like Don's work! Sure IS you! Do I know your work or what????

Chris Battle said...

I think you need to post the one with the "I Dream of Jeanie" bottle so's I can swipe it away to my hard drive.

Don Shank said...

But Chris for a mere $300 you could scan it yourself ;-)